Who We Are

Vision to See Beyond Your Expectations

Professional Video Production Approach

Professional video production company, Twisted Eye Video’s ethics represents a bygone era, a time when a handshake was a bond and times were simpler – when quality and craftsmanship were the hallmark of a job well done; where a guarantee was understood without having to be expressed.


While our work ethic may be “old school”, our imagination, our desire to be unequaled story tellers, our constant desire to stay at the forefront of today’s technology while preparing for tomorrows – is definitely not “old school”.

Our Mission

Our mission is:

1) To assist small businesses with the creation of commercial video production and promotion on a variety of social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

2) To develop and produce “The Silver Scene” magazine style show, dedicated to informing and entertaining an over 55 demographic.

3) To support seniors who desire both volunteer and paid learning opportunities in video production. Twisted Eye Video offers hands-on learning exclusively to seniors within our 55 and over crews.

We Deliver Results

Twisted Eye Video can help your business reach its desired target audience. Using the latest technology, our crew will film and produce an educational and entertaining commercial, highlighting you and your business in the very best light.

Not only will you have the freedom of owning and using your finalized project however you choose, but Twisted Eye Video guarantees to run your 8-10 minute commercial repeatedly on “The Silver Scene” allowing further marketing opportunity to the 55 and over population.