Branding your business is what sets a business apart. One of the ways to do this is with a “Splash Screen”. Wikipedia says: “Splash screens typically serve to enhance the look and feel of an application or website; hence, they are often visually appealing.” Here at Twisted Eye Video, a video production company in Leesburg, Florida, we feel this “opening” is very important.

The “Splash Screen” will be used before every video we do for our clients. The effort that goes into the splash screen actually helps with the branding of your videos as well. Their importance can’t be over-stated. When we are hired by a client to produce a video, the development of  the splash screen is included in our pricing.

We have placed a few examples of some of the “Splash Screens” we’ve done just to give you a taste.

Branding Examples

Ultrex Printing

Lady Lake Chamber

Around The House

Laser Action Plus Logo

We Can Help You

• Animated Logos: Video For Social Media
• Commercials: Target a specific audience

• Personal Memoir Films: Preserve your life stories
• Professionally done for the highest quality hi-def presentation

The First Step is Now!

This video shows the importance of preserving your family life stories. Personal Memoir Films is dedicated in helping to pass on the life stories that have help mold you to the person you are today.

This sample shows how important any and every message it. It doesn’t matter if it is personal or business… Twisted Eye Video is there for you.

Professional Editing

Our video editing team have thousands of hours of editing experience, including television and video. The team analyzes the rough footage of your interview and spends literally dozens of hours preparing your biography.

Once edited, your video is handed over to our research staff for thorough review. Their job is to go through the video and pick out points where additional information could be placed to highlight your monologue. These highlights, called B roll, give your biography depth and add interest for the viewer.

Video Production in Leesburg

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We Deliver Results

Twisted Eye Video can help your business reach its desired target audience. Using the latest technology, our crew will film and produce an educational and entertaining commercial, highlighting you and your business in the very best light.

Not only will you have the freedom of owning and using your finalized project however you choose, but Twisted Eye Video guarantees to run your 8-10 minute commercial repeatedly on “The Silver Scene” allowing further marketing opportunity to the 55 and over population.